Outsourcing CFO / Controller Services

CFO / Controller Services

As a small business, you may not need a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or a Controller, but you may need a sounding board to ensure strong financial management of your business.

Our outsourced CFO program offers you the flexibility and depth of experienced talent to fill these gaps in your organization, without breaking the bank. The CFO / Controller picks up where the bookkeeper or general accountant leaves off.

Growing companies benefit tremendously when they outsource the CFO / Controller talent as costs can be managed in accordance with the company's growth, instead of paying a salary and benefits to a full time senior manager. As the financial guide we can ensure that your business is utilizing capital effectively, efficiently utilizing your cash reserves and avoiding the heavy debt load that poor cash management can lead to. We can also help you focus on inventory management, and help you find the correct insurance coverage's to ensure that you have adequate coverage to cover insurable risk.

Management Accounting Functions we can assist with:

  1. Prepare financial statements and or management reports on a timely basis
  2. Compliance with all Tax and Regulatory filing requirements
  3. Budget - Prepare and analyze  (Sales, Production, Overhead etc.)
  4. Forecasting (Sales, Order Book Projections)
  5. Resource Capacity Management (Sales to Inventory)
  6. Cash Flow Management
  7. Costing (Products & Services)
  8. Variance Analysis (Identify reasons for not meeting budgeted goals)
  9. Facilitate the annual audit preparation process in conjunction with your company tax accountant

Benefits of the CFO / Controller

  1. More time to focus on your customers, services and core issues to grow your business
  2. Better in-depth understanding of your financial information
  3. Ability to see financial impact of decisions clearly before implementing new products or services
  4. Assistance in defining long-range plans and financial goals for the business.
  5. Follow through with Bankers, Lawyers & Vendors (suppliers, insurance agents etc.)
  6. Ensuring that your financial house is in order (budgets, cash flow monitoring etc.)

CFO / Controller Services
CFO / Controller Services